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At Zander Fur, we have a great respect for the hard work that goes into your trapline as well as the pride that goes into each fur produced. That's why we are firmly committed to offering the most competitive pricing, reflective of the latest demand in the international fur market. Not so different from the long, grueling hours you spend harvesting and  finishing your fur, we relentlessly scour the globe promoting wild fur in every fur consuming economy. We don't believe in pricing and grading schemes and there are no holdovers or 'buy backs'. Instead we offer full transparency and a fair transaction.

zander fur
zander fur
zander fur
zander fur

We pride ourselves on providing each trapper with a personal experience. We work hard to help trappers understand the grading system in order to maximize the value of their catch. We invite any questions and are happy to explain our purchasing process.

As a direct wholesale supplier of wild fur, we are the only stop between your fur and the manufacturer. We never charge a commission, packing, or handling fees. This means more money for your fur.

We follow all international sizing and quality standards for North American wild fur. Before finalizing any purchase we take time to review the grade with each trapper. In the rare event a  price is not agreed upon, trappers are welcome to take their fur or we ship it back at our expense.

Our purchasing network spans the entire US and Canada. We are represented at the majority of state trappers auctions in addition to sponsoring  our own buying events throughout the season. Contact us today for more information on events in your area. See our contact page for shipping information. And of course we welcome trappers to visit our home facility in NJ.

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